Let me start by asking you some questions:

Do you truly enjoy your Clinical Supervision or do you think it's a "necessary evil" to stay within the boundaries of the appropriate way to practice?

Would you like a supervision session to reflect your counselling/learning needs rather than just ticking the boxes for the sake of "mandatory supervision?"

Are you curious to see what your supervision could be if you felt supported and encouraged to be braver in your counselling profession?


If yes, then please get in touch.


About me and what I offer in my supervision:

I think the word “Supervision” is an intriguing way to describe the process of mentoring, supporting and offering a space for reflection and for professional development when it can also mean to be managed and overseen by another.  

Semantics aside, if you value your own autonomy, agency and want to work within a trusting partnership alongside another counsellor/psychotherapist then I offer you a welcome space to do that.

I may have more experience (or not!) in the counselling world than another but the supervision space I offer is of a pluralistic nature and its there for development, growth and inner work as well as to support you with your important client work.

In my fledgling counselling training days, I remember the very first supervisor I ever went to matter-of-factly telling me that they weren’t to be my therapist and I was to go to counselling for that if personal issues arose. I was not to bring personal work into the supervision space.

If that wasn’t a wake-up call about our therapeutic relationship incompatibility then being micromanaged into “ticking boxes” for the supervisor’s peace of mind before I’d even had my first placement client was. This distinct lack of trust in my own agency left a bitter taste as I vowed never to repeat that experience with another counselling peer.

In contrast, I hope that our supervision experience can be a trusting, exploratory space for each of you, whether in-training or highly qualified counsellors/psychotherapists, as sometimes it’s the unexpected experiences that push us to our edges of comfort and is where we can grow professionally and personally.

I speak very candidly, as an unspoken between us can potentially create divide and unease, so if you're someone like me, who appreciates it said out loud and directly then we are half way to a good fit.

To be supported and heard during the difficult times is just as important as celebrating and validating the more enjoyable aspects of the client/inner work.

If this sounds like a supervision space you’d like to explore, then please drop me an email and we can start the “fitting” process to see if we can and want to work together. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.