The ability to just be in the moment rather than worrying about everything around you is what encapsulates the art of mindfulness.

This isn't necessarily a state that is natural to any of us but rather a state that we have to teach ourselves to be in.  Appreciating the small minutiae of every day is what teaches us to see the little things that we can appreciate which will lead into the big things we can be truly thankful for.

Practice the art of mindfulness during everyday tasks and see how you feel when you really immerse yourself into the being of something rather than worrying about the doing of something. For a trivial example: “I will appreciate this cup of coffee in this moment, what went into making it, what I added to it to make it uniquely for me and how will I savour the taste, the smell of it and the feeling of it in my mouth. To do this in the moment and to enjoy it at that moment without worrying about anything else is what being mindful is all about.

Imagine the scene: