Hi everyone, welcome to my site.     


Here's a bit about my story:

I have always been interested in the power of the mind, the body's ability to self heal and the way a free mind can liberate a person. The body may well remember the trauma but with the right environment and support healing can be truly life transforming.

The importance of a healthy body and mind can never be underestimated nor taken for granted. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to be the best version of self and with the right kind of support, so much good can be achieved for every person.

This belief has led my career to span 21 years as a psychologist alongside 11 years as a qualified and registered complementary and holistic therapist. Additionally I have a COSCA Counselling Skills certificate and a PGDip postgraduate qualification in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy.

I am also a meditation and mindfulness teacher and believe that periods of quiet and reflection are what are truly missing in today's busy and hectic lifestyles leading to all sorts of stress and burn out.

I feel that when you have the privileged task of being able to work with a client you should at the very least be well qualified, experienced and insured for the job.

A technician of treatments or therapy is not to be confused with the term "therapist".

Does the person you have treatments and therapy with have the right training and professional credentials for the task at hand?

Do they have the practical and accredited skills in the physical and psychological well-being of their client?

Don't be afraid to ask for and see the official registration and certification from your current therapist to reassure yourself that you are in the safest, most capable hands for your needs.

To be in a position of trust and support for clients is not one that I undertake lightly and I feel very humbled by the amount of people that have turned to me for help over the years.

With the client always in mind and their well-being foremost, I offer a unique service that is able to combine counselling, psychotherapy, stress management, mindfulness and meditation practice and holistic and lifestyle well-being too.

I hope you will spend this time looking around the site, enjoying the articles, commenting and interacting, and will ultimately book an appointment with me so that your own journey of personal well-being and self-care can begin.




Take care,