There’s a general sense of not being in control amongst the wider population at the moment so this current situation with the pandemic can feel even more disorientating for those already suffering with fragile mental health.

Fake news and sensationalist news circulated by unscrupulous sources can all heighten an already anxious time for people.  Knowing where to source accurate, factual information can be a challenge in already challenging times.


I’d recommend the links below for unemotional, factual information:


Limiting social media to a fixed, small time frame a day and not getting caught up on “chasing the latest news/feeds” can offer a sense of control in an out of control setting.

If you’re really struggling mentally then please speak to someone you feel is caring and supportive or a counselling professional, such as myself.

There are other organisations that are really helpful at this unsettling time so have a look at their websites:


Please don’t suffer alone.  You are not alone.  We all are here to help you in any way that we professionally can. 

Look for my profile on the BACP and COSCA and Counselling Directory websites.


We’ll get through this together!


Stay safe and take care,




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